Tuesday, September 11, 2018

10 Sept 2018

A day when a heart got broken so bad it's hard to put them back into one.
A day when you want to stay in whole day.
A day when u think no matter what you do it won't fix it.
A day when u still smile and pretend everything is ok.
A day when you are gone, maybe to a better place.
A day when he held my hand and tell me everything will be fine.
A day when u just stand by me.
A day I love and loved.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

We fall in love...

We do fall in love...
I fall in love with the bags and the shoes
And definitely the diamonds 😝
I’m going to get u soon ❤️
Women’s never will have  enough shoes or bags.
Men will just have to understand that fact 🤗



It’s a yearly culture for me to company my mom for prayers. Wake up 6am today. Sent the kids to school the off we leave to Ipoh. I looks forward to meeting this old Aunty in the temple. She is one of the disciple in there. There is something in my heart that makes me love the elderly. When I reached today, the first person I saw was her. Still old and fragile, she have this smile on her face. As usual coz I’m married, I have and angpau to each of them for luck and health.

I wished the Aunty to stay healthy and happy. She smiled and got contented. She screen thru some books and then she came to me. Asked me did u study Chinese or English school. I told her English. She held the book and thought a while then maybe she decided it would be not appropriate to hand me that book. She said “ Aunty with Leong Leong 39 years d, I’m 89 this year. The most important is to learn how to open your heart. Learn to open your heart then you will stay happy” then she walked off with the book still in her hand. I asked my mom “mom would she have given me the book if I say I studied Chinese” we just smile and shrugged. 

I feel blessed somehow, as i feel inspired meeting people that indirectly change my mindset. Or somehow remind me of how simple things that can make my life a little brighter. May god bless Aunty with good health and happiness. ❤️

Prayers went fine. Some comment were quite true. There are just some things are meant to be kept hidden in my heart. 


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Soul Searching Trip...

Hi from Korea. This is a last minute plan trip for the both of us. The plan for the trip is "No Plan". Eat, sleep, walk, sleep and repeat.. The intention of the trip is to rest our selves. Today is the 4th day. A part of me kinda miss home, and a part of me miss work. Workaholic? Or maybe is just that I know there is so much needed attention at work. But today I feel I kind of miss the trip d, not willing for it to end. As we need to get back to reality. Hahaha. The weather is sooooo cold, -6 to -16. Freezez us like ice cream. ☃️

Every time I visit Korea my perspective in life changes. Maybe it's a land of Soul searching for me. Hahaha. This visit makes me realised how much I have grown. The things doesn't not excite me as it used to be anymore. Maybe this is life. When u don't have it, u would want it. When u can get it anytime u will feel less appreciate. People around me know I'm a shopaholic. I realise my gyn is from both mom and dad. So it's worst hahaha. Not to say I don't shop this time in Korea, coz that would be silly hahahaha. Just that I'm more careful with my purchase. 😂

Korea Trip ended and both of us is quite contented. This time I didn't tortured him with hell loads of walk. Time to move back to reality. Back to work and fixed things. ❤️

Aza aza fighting...


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A start of 2018...

It’s the first day of school for kids. Parents are busy preparing kids for school. Waking them up after a loong holiday is the most impossible task. I wonder how my monsters at home are coping it ❤️ My insta is full of parents sending kids to school Insta stories hahahaha. Young parents...

It’s first day of work today. Tonnes of 2017 stuff to be completed. All scattered on my tables and around me. 🤣 back to work babeh! Solving daily problems are my job, ensuring the sales runs smooth, keeping customers happy. It’s my kinda sense of accomplishment when I’m able to change a mind of customer cancelling to continue purchasing. Hahaha

Had a special dinner tonight. Surrounded by special people. People of the rich and famous. Rushing back to fetch my folks, i was so under dress for the occasion. 😅 good start to remind myself to respect occasion with at least a pair of heels ❤️ No more flats hotels occasions...

Self thought... why do we judge people or try to stereotype people? Should we? Maybe it’s our self inner bitch. Share a story about this next post...

Back to zzz...


Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Love For December ❤️

I stumble across my own blog two weeks back. Glancing thru it makes me realise how much I have changed so far. Some good some bad. But whatever it is, I'm still me. 

Wishing life could be made simple. ❤️

I remembered when I started this blog, it was meant to note down my thoughts and share my life with my close friends when I was away abroad for studies. But when I came home I have forgotten about it. Life was rather busy these few years busy with work and also passing the few most important stages of my life. Meeting a love, Getting together, Celebrating a start and also grieving a Lost of a loved one.

My last post was on 2012 😅. I have decided to continue to pen down my life here...

It's December... most wonderful month of the year. I have been writing down a Christmas list. A list of people I love and what I should get them. Many says Christmas is commercialised, but still to me Christmas is a time we gather. Yes we spend money, but it helps the economy anyway. Hahaha. Last time we buy what we think it's suitable. Now we try to ask! "Hey do u have a Christmas Wish List" coz we don't wanna be buying unnecessary stuff. Then the stuff goes staying in the box or shelf for the next one to two year hahahah. 

When I were young... Ok... I'm not old anyway... I meant when I was not working, I used to looked up to a super long wish list of mine. Remembering those were bags, new phones, new computers, cosmetics, etc... that was then. But those were wishlist that was never fulfilled. Why? Coz my parents have 4 kids, if they buy any of those and those would be x4. 🙈 So when I started working I started getting them myself. Some from my hubby 😝 

Recently my siblings asked me anything u need in my wishlist. Thinking for few minutes I told them i have nothing really needed. They laughed at me saying I'm old d and I had everything I wanted. While shopping with them I saw this Minion camera, then I told them  I wanted a minion poloriod camera for my Christmas. They said no! Coz it's unnessesary coz I already have a mini 7 and a big ones. In my defence It's Minion! And my version was 7 and this was 8. 🤣 

Ok the point of this conversation is that I'm trying to point out now in life is "what u need" vs "what you want". Sometimes we need to sit and think wat do we really need and what do we really want. We need a happy and healthy family. Whatever we want are merely from commercials and desires. Do a Minion camera makes me happy, Yes! For a temporary time being. 🤣 But it's used to capture happy moments of celebrations with love ones. Those are just my thoughts la, I can capture it with a old camera anyway. Hahaha. 

There are some people who in life still have much needs unfulfilled, therefore sit and think if u have most of ur needs fulfilled, try to help out others to fulfil thier needs. You do not need to be millionaire to be helping others. Start to help out and giving love to ur close family and friends. It would not be in monetary form. It could be time, caring lending an ear or anything. Lights someone's life up. A little positive energy will reminds u of how life could be meaningful. 

As we grow older we have lesser time for each other. Everyone is busy with work. It gets harder to gather ur close ones together. The old folks are busy with young grandchildren. The siblings have individual family or Pak toh day. The grannies are resting due to health problems. The hubby is at work. But when it comes to celebrating we all put effort to gather. Eating and toasting for a reason. We are not Christians but we do enjoy the month as the songs and ambience makes everything feel so Holiday mood to end the year! ❤️

Aj ❤️

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm starting to hate myself...