Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Love For December ❤️

I stumble across my own blog two weeks back. Glancing thru it makes me realise how much I have changed so far. Some good some bad. But whatever it is, I'm still me. 

Wishing life could be made simple. ❤️

I remembered when I started this blog, it was meant to note down my thoughts and share my life with my close friends when I was away abroad for studies. But when I came home I have forgotten about it. Life was rather busy these few years busy with work and also passing the few most important stages of my life. Meeting a love, Getting together, Celebrating a start and also grieving a Lost of a loved one.

My last post was on 2012 😅. I have decided to continue to pen down my life here...

It's December... most wonderful month of the year. I have been writing down a Christmas list. A list of people I love and what I should get them. Many says Christmas is commercialised, but still to me Christmas is a time we gather. Yes we spend money, but it helps the economy anyway. Hahaha. Last time we buy what we think it's suitable. Now we try to ask! "Hey do u have a Christmas Wish List" coz we don't wanna be buying unnecessary stuff. Then the stuff goes staying in the box or shelf for the next one to two year hahahah. 

When I were young... Ok... I'm not old anyway... I meant when I was not working, I used to looked up to a super long wish list of mine. Remembering those were bags, new phones, new computers, cosmetics, etc... that was then. But those were wishlist that was never fulfilled. Why? Coz my parents have 4 kids, if they buy any of those and those would be x4. 🙈 So when I started working I started getting them myself. Some from my hubby 😝 

Recently my siblings asked me anything u need in my wishlist. Thinking for few minutes I told them i have nothing really needed. They laughed at me saying I'm old d and I had everything I wanted. While shopping with them I saw this Minion camera, then I told them  I wanted a minion poloriod camera for my Christmas. They said no! Coz it's unnessesary coz I already have a mini 7 and a big ones. In my defence It's Minion! And my version was 7 and this was 8. 🤣 

Ok the point of this conversation is that I'm trying to point out now in life is "what u need" vs "what you want". Sometimes we need to sit and think wat do we really need and what do we really want. We need a happy and healthy family. Whatever we want are merely from commercials and desires. Do a Minion camera makes me happy, Yes! For a temporary time being. 🤣 But it's used to capture happy moments of celebrations with love ones. Those are just my thoughts la, I can capture it with a old camera anyway. Hahaha. 

There are some people who in life still have much needs unfulfilled, therefore sit and think if u have most of ur needs fulfilled, try to help out others to fulfil thier needs. You do not need to be millionaire to be helping others. Start to help out and giving love to ur close family and friends. It would not be in monetary form. It could be time, caring lending an ear or anything. Lights someone's life up. A little positive energy will reminds u of how life could be meaningful. 

As we grow older we have lesser time for each other. Everyone is busy with work. It gets harder to gather ur close ones together. The old folks are busy with young grandchildren. The siblings have individual family or Pak toh day. The grannies are resting due to health problems. The hubby is at work. But when it comes to celebrating we all put effort to gather. Eating and toasting for a reason. We are not Christians but we do enjoy the month as the songs and ambience makes everything feel so Holiday mood to end the year! ❤️

Aj ❤️

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm starting to hate myself...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good day!
I'm on MC... but it's ok. It's time to rest.
Life's been normal for work, great in relationship. OK with family. So far so good.
Looking back at some of my pictures in the old post makes me feel a lil old.
Last time i have loads of time to do loads of weird things and meet weird people. :)
Now 50% time for work, 50% is to balance between family, relationship, friendship & sleep.

RIGHT now at this very moment, i'm finally having a ME TIME.
ME TIME means time for myself to do my things like, doing facial, online, self pampering & etc...

Usually after work i'd go home, or to his place, wait for him to finish work so we go dinner together. Or at times i go class and go home to bed. Not much time for myself. I feel that i'm turning into a chubby girl coz i'm so lazy to do exercise. I'm having a new life and parents are quite supportive. I'm starting to like my new life and i'm getting use to it.
It's a good sign. But there are many more things that i have to adapt. :)

Cheers to new life... ^.^

With Love,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In life there is really nothing that could be perfect. We could try to be perfectionist. But perfect to u may not be a perfect to someone else. In situations I tried to be stubborn wanting things to work out the way I wanted it to be but most of the time, things wouldn't turn out the Way I want it to be. in fact it becomes negative. We face situations that is complicated, I'm adapting to it, as I know I'm unable to change it. Try making the situation positive. People can't please u, u have to please urself. :) cheer up and don't give up!

With love,

Friday, March 2, 2012

I am sitting at Yong Tau Foo restaurant right now. N I'm trying to stop myself from bad mouthing people. Shh...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Every year most of us will sit down to set our goals and new year resolution. I've tried setting them but I never put much effort on realizing it. By the time I realize, another year just passed. :D

It's amazing how time flies, that today is the 6th day of 2012 the year of Dragon :)

There is not much goals I wanna set as at times I feel my life is somehow shaped. But in my daily life I would like to set my own principle and make it a habit. In working life people, there are two groups of people. One is the group that gossips and one is the gossips. It's an inevitable that you'll be in one of these groups.

The principle that I shall adapt is hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. When u speak less the probability u'll be wrong is lower.

N the phrase "Silent is Golden" is always true. ^.^

Thursday, December 1, 2011

There is no other way but to be strong and walk thru it...